Finger puppets, mixed package

Finger puppets, mixed package


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This mixed package contains a constantly changing selection of all our finger puppets.
The rate is approximately 85% animals and 15% human figures. A package contains apprixametly 50 different models.

Assortment Guarantee

We have tried to compose the assorted packages of puppets that sell well. There are more of the popular models such as elephants, lions and monkeys, so you will have a balanced mix in your store as long as possible. Iit may happen, however,  that some  models you carry do not sell that well. Therefore, we offer an Assortment Guarantee: you can return and exchange all purchased finger puppets  for another model, when you buy new puppets from us, to a maximum of 10% of your order. So suppose that you want to have a fresh mix of 200 finger puppets, you can turn in  your remaining (maximum) 20 dolls in exchange for a model that sells well in your store. Mailing costs are for your account. Through this service, your assorted mix will always stay attractive and it will invite your customers to rummage through the bin, constantly looking for new models.


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